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Tax Planning

For over 38 years Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc., has prepared more than 2,000 individual and 200 business tax returns annually, helping clients to foresee ways to minimize taxes paid now and in the future. We help our clients to maximize year-end deductions such as: Timing and recognition of income and deductions to most effective tax year or years; recognizing losses (gains) to balance capital gains (losses) before year end; home office use and charitable giving including items of personal property (clothing, household goods and vehicles); establishing tax-deferred vehicles such as 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans, pension plans, SEP, IRAs and Roths; correct use of tax entities ( S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.), as well as finding the delicate balance between corporate and individual taxes for small business owners. We also verify adequacy of Federal and State estimated tax payments to avoid penalties and maximize client use of funds through our state-of-the-art tax planning software.